Your Committee

Abdullah Khaled



Raymond Effah

Faculty Officer

James Woodward



Kiana Mostaghimi

Welfare Rep


Rodina Jad

Sports Rep


Cat N’Jai

Charities Rep


Kayley Ford

Events Rep


Regina Gull

Education Rep


Elias Farhad



James Lister

Website Manager

What do MedSoc do?

MedSoc is the student body for medical students here to represent you. We support our numerous sub-societies ranging from academic, charitable & sports clubs to provide you with the best opportunities at medical school. We organise a number of events and socials throughout the year and sponsor a local and a national charity as well as student led charitable work. More than that, we also provide you latest news and views through our very own weekly Bulletin, education resources to help with revision and are working on even more ways to support your future career.

The entire MedSoc committee is elected on an annual basis and dedicate a lot of their time to their role on this committee. This includes our weekly Monday meeting where all committee members discuss progress with their role-specific tasks. To improve transparency between MedSoc and the student body, Medsoc is proud to introduce the ‘Bring a Mate to a MedSoc Meeting’! If you are interested to see what we get up to, or what being on MedSoc involves, talk to your year rep to schedule a time when you can come along to one of our meetings.

Who can I talk to if I have a suggestion or question regarding the course?

Your MedSoc Year Reps. MedSoc have regular (Student-Staff Liaison Committee) meetings with the faculty. This is a chance for the core MedSoc committee and the year reps to bring up any concerns or suggestions about course content to the faculty. We work together to implement changes. If you have any ideas or concerns this is the perfect opportunity for them to be raised.

If your MedSoc Year Rep is not responsive to your suggestion or concern then this can be brought up with the Faculty Officer/Vice President of MedSoc (2019/20 Raymond Effah) – email to contact the VP directly.

Additionally, if you would rather not go via MedSoc to express your concerns or ideas, then the faculty Curriculum and Quality Assurance team can be contacted –