Hello! We are StreetDoctors Southampton. Our aim is to teach young people about what to do if:

1. Someone is bleeding

  • StreetDoctors teach how to call an ambulance and deliver immediate first aid to someone who is bleeding before professional help arrives.

  • We use visual props to explain the science behind blood loss and why it is important to call for help quickly, and apply pressure.

  • Young people discuss how to call emergency services and communicate the problem clearly. The session involves practical role playing scenarios to prepare young people to use skills in a crisis.

2. Someone is unconscious

  • StreetDoctors teach how to assess someone who is unconscious. We demonstrate how to liaise with the professional emergency services, how to put someone in the recovery position if they are breathing and how to deliver chest compressions if they have stopped breathing.

  • We explain how the heart, blood and lungs work together and what happens if they aren’t working.

  • Young people practice putting someone on their side to avoid choking and delivering CPR with dummies so that in a real life situation they are ready to act.

Each session is 60-90 minutes long.


But why are we doing all this?

Violence is the 3rd leading cause of death of young people in Europe. Some of these deaths happen because the people present do not know what to do! They panic and don’t call for help.

Teaching these young people to call 999 and EFFECTIVELY deliver simple first aid CAN and DOES save lives.

But by highlighting the death and significant injury associated with violent crime, we also help to discourage young people from carrying weapons in the first place.

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We look forward to sharing these important life-saving skills!