Pathology Society

What is pathology?

Pathology is about more than dead bodies and looking down a microscope! Come and join us as we learn more about one of the fastest growing areas of medicine which underpins EVERY OTHER specialty, and has a wide range of diversity within it. 

Build your interest and knowledge, as well as your skill set as we arrange lectures and practical sessions with some leading clinicians. We;

  • Encourage student interest in pathology by providing educational lectures and practical sessions. 

  • Provide information regarding careers in pathology.

  • Highlight the link between pathology and other medical disciplines.

Observe a Post Mortem

  • What: Routine post mortems at Southampton General Hospital

  • When: Wednesday 6th November 9am-1pm (ish, depends on case load, usually between 3 and 5 cases)

  • How: Watch from the viewing gallery or ‘on the floor’

  • Who: A consultant and two trainees have agreed to give us bespoke teaching during their working week.

  • There are VERY limited spaces available. Sign up here:

Key Events

  • Forensics/Neuropathology Talk - November 28th @ SGH 5:30pm

  • National Pathology Week - 4-10th November

  • Selection of interesting histopathology case studies, small group teaching via a multi- headed microscope - Spring 2020

Potential Events

  • Careers in Pathology talks (over 16 different sub specialities)

  • Day trip to the Gordon Museum (UK’s growing selection of weird and wonderful pot specimens)at Guy’s Hospital, London.

  • Bespoke tour of the various Pathology labs at the hospital (where do the samples go? What happens to them?).

  • Any other talks/opportunities you would be keen to see/hear/attend!