MedSoc’s one and only music-making society!

Appealing to a wide variety of musical tastes and abilities, JamSoc is an easy-going group of medical musicians who enjoy to meet together to play/jam some well-known tunes.

What are the sessions like? Each session we’ll focus on a different style of music and work on 4/5 typical songs from that genre. In the past we’ve done Pop, Folk, Jazz, Soul and even Stevie Wonder hits! Occasionally we run Open Mic nights at the Talking Heads pub to showcase what we’ve been doing.

When are the sessions? JamSoc runs once a fortnight, normally on a Wednesday night in the Students Union building on Highfield Campus. So it’s not too much of a commitment like many of the university music societies can be!

Who can join? Both instrumentalists and singers are welcome; we’ve had everything from a mandolin to a sitar turn up for some jamming! If you played an instrument or sang at school, don’t just give it up now you’ve come to study Medicine, JamSoc was made for you to keep it going!

How much are subs?......FREE! :D

All abilities. All tastes. All instruments.