Autumn Elections

Positions available:-

  • BM6 Year 0 Rep

  • BM5 Year 1 Rep (2)

  • BMEU Year 1 Rep (1)

  • BM5 Year 2 Rep (2)

  • BMEU Year 2 Rep (1)

  • BMEU Year 3 Rep (1)

  • BMEU Year 4 Rep (1)

  • BMEU Year 5 Rep (1)

  • BM4 Year 1 Rep

  • BM4 Year 2 Rep

  • Medicine Postgraduate Research Rep (1)

  • Msc Allergy Rep (1)

  • Msc Diabetes Rep (1)

  • Msc Genomics Rep (1)

The main purpose of the role is:

  1. Represent the views of students within your cohort

  2. Liaise with staff about feedback from students

  3. To work with the current faculty officer (1)

Deadline 9th October

 Fourth Year Rep Election Manifestos


Sumayya Manji

Hi! I'm Sumayya and I'm hoping to be your Year 4 rep! I love to talk and take part so you can be assured I will make our voices heard to the Faculty :) I know there were a lot of things in Year 3 that we felt could have gone differently; here's a list of what I hope to achieve for us next year:

- Ensure we are given as much information and clarity regarding exams and marking as possible

- Feedback on our placements to keep them running smoothly, inserting opportunities where possible and making sure we get the best learning experience we deserve

- Work with the committee on promoting teaching and learning opportunities outside of placement as well as providing down time and welfare support for all of us

- Make sure your wellbeing is supported while you are on placement in other locations

- Be available and visible as your representative to convey your concerns


Janita Lit

I'm running for rep because I’m more than halfway through, there’s isn’t much time left, but I am very determined to contribute to the student body when I still can! I believe the best way to create a great medical school experience is by proactively speaking up and liaising with the faculty for prompt and efficient changes when needed. I hope by being a student representative, I can not only voice out for our current needs but also make changes retrospectively to benefit our younger counterparts.

If elected, I would work on:

- Ease of learning: The possibility of being on campus more. More practice resources and up-to-date recorded lectures on Blackboard (so we don’t have to record them ourselves!).

- Placement organization: Pairing/grouping up for placements, clearer transport organization, better teaching structure and timetabling even during third year. More guidance on what to expect and how to learn.

- Universal clinical teaching on the fundamentals of each rotation: Through lectures or off-placement voluntary sessions.

- Concrete exam feedback from the faculty: More mock OSCEs, going over final exams/OSCEs both retrospectively and pre-emptively.

- Increase and normalize student involvement and representation during faculty decision making or planning processes. Establish swifter practice in taking in our opinions.

I’m very friendly, easily-reachable and dedicated to paving new changes. I’d love to reach out to hear your opinions on how to make BM even better! I’ll do my very best in representing fully your views and concerns. Thank you :)


Rachel McArthur


I’m Rachel and I am a year 4 BM5 student. I would like to be a representative for our year group. In this role I would hope to

● Improve communication between the faculty and the year group; giving more information about what placements at various hospitals are like, which would help to clarify what you can expect prior to arrival

● Speak to students in the year above to develop ‘tip sheets’ about how to get the most out of each placement in year 4

● Collate a guide with the help of the faculty on how we should start to plan our electives

● Inform the faculty of any feedback received from students so that we can improve our own course

I’m a pretty organised person and respond to messages quickly, I feel that in this way I would be able to liaise ideas from students to the faculty effectively and represent your views well.

Thanks for reading!