Charities Rep: Cat N’Jai

Hi, I’m Cat and I’ll be your Charities Rep for this year! Each year, MedSoc selects two charities to support. This year, our local charity this year is the local branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) our national charity is the Movember Foundation. As your Charities Rep, along with the MedSoc committee, I will be organising a range of events to raise money for these charities throughout the year. These include the family BBQ, the London Underground Raid, Christmas Carolling in Winchester, MedSoc Take Me Out, and many others.

This year, I’d love for the whole of MedSoc to be involved in the events that are organised and for them to be as inclusive as possible. We took into account suggestions from you guys when selecting our charities this year and it would be amazing if we could incorporate your suggestions for events into our planning this year so don’t hesitate to get in touch! I would also love for these events to be enjoyable for all so that we can raise as much money as possible and have fun while doing it! Hope to see many of you at our events this year!


Local Charity:


About motor neurone disease (MND):

  • MND is a fatal, rapidly progressing disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.

  • It attacks the nerves that control movement so muscles no longer work. MND does not usually affect the senses such as sight, sound and feeling etc.

  • It can leave people locked in a failing body, unable to move, talk and eventually breathe.

  • Over 80% of people with MND will have communication difficulties, including for some, a complete loss of voice.

  • It kills a third of people within a year and more than half within two years of diagnosis.

  • Six people per day are diagnosed with MND in the UK.

  • It kills six people per day in the UK, just under 2,200 per year.

  • There is no cure.

About the Motor Neurone Disease Association:

The MND Association was founded in 1979 by a group of volunteers with experience of living with or caring for someone with MND. Since then, it has grown significantly, with an ever-increasing community of volunteers, supporters and staff, all sharing the same goal – to support people with MND and everyone who cares for them, both now and in the future.

Their mission

  1. Improve care and support for people with MND, their families and carers.

  2. Fund and promote research that leads to new understanding and treatments, and brings us closer to a cure for MND.

  3. Campaign and raise awareness so the needs of people with MND and everyone who cares for them are recognised and addressed by wider society.


National Charity:

Movember Foundation_Primary Logo_Black_web.png

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health. They raise funds that deliver innovative, breakthrough research and support programs to enable men to live happier, healthier, longer lives. Awareness and fundraising activities are run year-round by the foundation, with the annual Movember campaign in November being globally recognised for its fun, disruptive approach to fundraising and getting men to take action for their health. Since 2003, they’ve created a men’s health movement of over 5 million supporters across the world. Through the moustaches grown and the conversations generated, they’ve helped fund 1,200 innovative men’s health projects across more than 20 countries focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.


The hairy facts:

  • On average, men die 3.5 years earlier than women in the UK

  • 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK are men

  • Each year, more than 4,300 men die by suicide in the UK

  • Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in UK men

  • More than 11,000 men die from prostate cancer each year in the UK

  • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men

  • 35,000 men are estimated to be living with or beyond a testicular cancer diagnosis in the UK